What our Customers say...


Very professional and courteous. Thank you for traveling our way in our time of need. God bless

Wonderful team, great work.

Gave us all 10's on our satisfaction survey

Appreciate the professionalism and help from SERVPRO. Made this process much more bearable.

Bob Gregory called today to let us know what a wonderful job that we did and to thank us for our services.

Friendly staff and they kept me informed.  Very impressed on how fast we responded.

On behalf of my staff and myself, we were so impressed with the quality and professionalism from SERVPRO of Madison.  We will never go with anyone else!

Very satisfied customer here. We were the unfortunate recipients of some water getting into our home and causing some horrible mold to grow and cause some health issues in our home. Jason and his team at SERVPRO were wonderful and very professional explaining the process from the beginning to the end. We were very satisfied with their service and recommend them to anyone having similar mold issues. Thank you!


Great job and response!  Feedback from the shop was excellent!

Thank you so much for the wonderful service that I received.  Now that we have the mold taken care of I will have to find something else to worry about :) 

Loretta Dooley

To whom it may concern,

My fiancé and I would like to thank SERVPRO for all the restoration and mold remediation work that was done in our basement in October 2017.  The work was done in a timely manner and the cost was affordable.

A special thanks goes to Kevin Masanz for the information he provided about the mold removal and the additional information about possible companies to test our air quality.  Kevin went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable with the process of tearing apart our home to make it safe.

Thanks also to Nancy for explaining the payment procedures.

We appreciate your professionalism!  Thank you!!

-Amanda McKaig

Jason & the team were simply outstanding & they made the best out of a bad situation. The service was extraordinary!

I am satisfied with the service(s) provided by SERVPRO of Madison

SERVPRO is a fantastic company!  These people are very personable and dedicated professionals.

We are so happy with the amazing response and hard work the crew did on our basement.  I can't thank you all enough for the care you took with our belongings (including my wedding dress) as I searched through things and took pictures to keep as memories.  Thanks for fixing my poo pool :) 

I went downstairs this morning and found a disaster- a flooded basement that smelled horrible.  Since we've had numerous pinholes in our water pipes, my first thought was another leaking pipe.  Unfortunately, it was much much worse - our septic system had backed up, spreading raw sewage through much of the basement.  I called SERVPRO and crew chief Jackie Scheiwe was able to stop by within the hour.  She assessed the situation and called for reinforcements.  Within another hour we had FIVE SERVPRO trucks parked out front.  The troops arrived around 2 pm and worked straight through until 11 pm.  They didn't leave until all the sewage was cleaned up.  Ruined carpets, cabinets and drywall was ripped out and cement floors and all items that were exposed to the black waster was cleaned & sanitized.  All salvageable items (piano, bookcases, sofa, electronic gear, etc were carefully moved to safer ground.  Small items like books & movies were boxed up and moved.  We now have about 15 jumbo fans running to get everything dried out.

I am totally impressed with the care and concern Jackie and her crew showed for our home and possessions.  They didn't just quit at the usual 5 pm "quitting time", they kept working until the job was done.  I highly recommend Jackie and SERVPRO to anyone needing help dealing with a stressful situation like ours.

We were so confident with SERVPRO that the day after our disaster, we left for our planned trip!

Keep it Up!  Everyone did a phenomenal job!

Prefect, Rapid response to our issue.

Very impressed with the quick response.  Your team was here within a few hours of calling.  Staff was very professional and thoroughly explained everything with work be completed in a timely manner.


The crew was very easy to work with.  Fast response!  Hope to never have to use us again but if the situation arrives we will be the first ones to call.

Very professional and caring staff.  Someone was able to come out the same day which was a Saturday as I was worried about more rain coming and shingles being off my roof.  EXCELLENT JOB!

Thank you so very much for the great job you did on my basement!  It looks amazing!

Thank you for such a great day on Monday.  Steve was so informative and kept the day moving.  I told Carlos "American Family Agent"  it was amazing someone could talk for 6 hours on water and mold and still make it interesting.  I told Steve he reminded me so much of my brother Bill who is the golf pro.  Again, Please thank your Uncle Al for taking care of me: he was an absolute treasure.  He was so attentive to all the people attending the class and made sure everyone was being taken care of and the class was so enjoyable and everyone really enjoyed the whole day.  Nice job!!  The motel was the perfect place to have the event.  

See you soon and have a great picnic this weekend.  You all deserve the day of celebration.  The company is really developing a great reputation out there.  Love the new commercial on T.V

I have worked with SERVPRO of Madison for approximately 20 years now.  Their owner, Jason Wilkinson, has been a wonderful addition to my arsenal of weapons combating the many property claims at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As a world-wide university, we have many property claims which require their particular area of expertise.  Fire, smoke and water damage is conductive to any educational setting.  Their quick response is why I keep calling them back.  Our researchers and students need their work/study space back as quickly as possible.  We have millions of dollars in research grants that cannot be delayed for any length of time.  

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Madison.  I couldn't do my job without them.

Dear SERVPRO of Madison,

Thank you for cleaning the mold at our school quickly and efficiently.

You helped us get back to learning and growing by removing the mold.

Dear SERVPRO of Madison,

Thank you for getting the mold out of our school so we can learn!

Hi Jason, 

Hope you are hanging in there.  Sounds like you(SERVPRO of Madison) are super busy.  Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a delightful daughter you have.  Katie is here today with Claudia and she is just a sweetheart along with being a very conscientious and hard worker.  Given the last few days of hiccups, it was such a pleasant and refreshing day to have Katie and Claudia here today.

Take Care.  Almost to the finish line!!!

Hi Tammy, just want to thank you for putting on the CE Classes.  You did a very nice job, lunch was great, happy to see a salad and meat separate for us people trying to shed a few pounds and can't eat pasta's or breads.  The speaker was also very good.  Learned a lot about mold.

Great Job!  Adam was great!  Everything is dry!

Friendly staff and they kept me informed.  Very impressed on how fast we responded.

Dear Staff & Owner of SERVPRO of Madison Wi,

My wife and I wanted to thank you for your quick response with in an hour and half to our home to provide services for a flooded wooden kitchen floor.  Your staff was polite and professional during the entire process of drying out our hardwood floors.  The equipment was state of the art and again we were extremely pleased with the service.  We have talked to friends and family about your services and highly recommend your business to anyone.

Thanks again and have a wonderful summer.

Excellent Service, Prompt & Flexible!!